The dream

When I was between 9-12 years old, I had some visions about things that would happen in my life as adult. And I built a dream life around those visions. Not much of what I added actually happened, but in some form most of those visions have happened. But I don’t want to talk about what has happened. I just want to talk about the dream I had as a whole. With all my added in things and desires. It went something like this…

I’d graduate high school, and then I would move to somewhere in Northern California. I’d find a job as a barista, and get myself a little studio apartment in an old building. I’d have a cat, I’d paint and weave in my free time. I’d go to art classes at night, and do some modeling for figure drawing classes (which is something I have done before, if you ever get a chance, I recommend doing it). I’d do odd jobs for extra money, and eventually the coffee shop where I worked, would hang my art up and a gallery owner would come in and see it. And I would have a gallery showing of my artwork. There I would meet a guy, a few years older than me, he’d have blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. He’d be a musician and an artist, and we’d have a whirlwind romance. We’d travel around, living a nomad bohemian life together. I’d have a baby, a boy. It would just be me and the baby for a long time. (I didn’t know what would happen to the guy, he just sort of disappeared from the dream.) We’d (the baby and I) settle somewhere on the east coast, a small town in Vermont or Maine. I’d work as a secretary or something like that, and I’d keep doing artwork. We’d have a little apartment, a cat or dog maybe. We’d play in the park and go to the farmer’s market, travel to go see the ocean every now and then. I’d meet another man, we’d fall in love. We’d move back out west, closer to a forest.. We’d have a large house, not super big, but big enough, and some land. There’d be a vegetable and flower garden. A few apple trees and maybe a couple goats or sheep. I’d have two more babies, and we’d all live in the house in the woods. The children would grow up and go off to live their lives. The man, I never had enough details of him from that vision, and I couldn’t make any up. But we spent the rest of our lives happily together.

And that was it. That was the life I dreamed of. I’d still like that house in the woods, I have dreams about it sometimes. To be a witch of the woods, that’s always been the dream.

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Mom, wife, artist, writer and witchy woman

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