Willow Part Five The Book Of Tuar

Adron took a sip of his drink and stood up. “Follow me.” She followed him down a long hallway, candle sconces lit the dark walls. She started to ask something and he put a hand to stop her. A large portrait of a young woman caught her eye and she stopped to look at it. “Who is that?” “That is Josephine Wallace” he replied and looked down at her from the corner of his eye, an eyebrow raised. “She was real?” Willow asked. “All myths come from somewhere. Come.” He turned and continued down the hallway. “Here we are” he opened a door that was hidden in the wall. Willow turned around, and tried to see if she could see any other doors. “None of the doors in this hallway lead outside” Adron said and stepped into the room. Willow took a deep breath and followed him through the hidden door. Books lined the wall from the ceiling to the floor. A large table sat in the middle of the room. Adron ran his fingers along the spines of the books, he pulled one down from the shelf and put it on the table. “The Book of Tuar. But how? Did you capture James?” She asked. “This is The Book of Tuar, the one your friend has taken is a forgery, one that has been changed, rewritten.” Adron said, he opened the book to the passages about The Sovereign and pushed it towards her. She sat down at the table and started to read. “This is a ritual. I…I don’t understand,” she said as she read the pages.


“Why would they lie about this?” Adron lowered his head, his hands clasped behind his back. “So they could have control.” “Control of us?” “Us and our magic.” Adron said as he moved around the table slowly. “Oh no, Kate!” Willow stood up in a panic, Adron put his hands on her shoulders. “She’s being protected. She’s ok, I promise.” She looked up into his eyes and studied them. “Why her,? She didn’t do anything. I don’t understand any of this” tears welled in her eyes. Adron hugged her close, her tears falling on his chest. “She is the last living descendant of Josephine,” he said letting go of the embrace. “The forgery had been discovered around the same time that your friend stole it.” Willow shook her head. “So they want to do the ritual?” “Yes, but they don’t know it. At least not all of it. The one you’re reading now is the only real Book of Tuar.” Willow sat back down in the chair and put her head in hands. “Ok, so what do you need me for?” Willow said, standing up and pushing the chair back. “What do we do?” She asked. Adron turned to her and smiled.

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