Willow part four Adron

Willow licked her paw after finishing the story. “She’s not? No, she couldn’t be.” Alice said. “Oh no, she’s not. But her child will be.” Willow replied and licked her other paw. Alice nodded and mulled over the revelation. “You’ve been tethered.” She finally said. Willow nodded her head. “It’s my punishment for helping James.” Willow said, her ears perked up to something she heard outside. She shook her, hearing only birdsongs. “I’m so sorry, Willow.” Alice said and stood up. “It’s good to see you, good luck on your hunt for James.” Willow said and bowed her head. Alice bowed her head and left through the sliding door. Willow jumped down from the table and watched Alice through the window. Alice’s figure faded away and Willow heard a car drive up. She jumped down from the kitchen window and went into the living room and sat by the front door waiting for Kate to come in. She heard the door knob jiggle and shiver went up her spine. The hair stood up on her back, and she slowly backed away from the door. The door creaked open, Willow let out a hiss. She had backed herself against the wall, and only realized her mistake when a cloth bag went over her head. 

Kate returned from her date with Matt. She saw her front door ajar, slowly she pushed it open and looked inside. Nothing seemed out of place. “Willow.” She called out. Nothing had been stolen but she couldn’t find Willow. She called Matt crying, he wasn’t home yet, and turned his car around. Matt arrived back to her apartment and ran to the front door. “What happened?” He asked taking a sobbing Kate into his arms. “The door was open, and I looked around, nothing is out of place or has been taken. But I can’t find Willow.” She cried into his shoulder. They sat on the couch, Matt tried to come up with solutions while Kate continued to cry. A small light flickered in the corner of entryway mirror, recording them. 

Willow stayed silent inside of the cloth bag. She could feel the movement of a vehicle under her and listened carefully to the two voices that took her. She didn’t recognize the voices, but knew they were speaking the old language. She knew only a little bit of the language, but pieced together that she was being taken to Adron. She only knew of Adron, she had never met him. He was one of The First. The First were the first magical creatures. They fought wars to keep gain power. They watched all magical creatures and employed the agents and hunters that kept order. Adron however, made his own rules, and was cast out many years before known civilization. He had built his own following and agenda. No one knew for sure how many followed him or what exactly his plans were. Willow assumed that he knew she had been tethered to The Sovereign. The Sovereign was important to everyone though, and she didn’t know more than who the mother was to be, which she knew all the higher ups would know. She felt the vehicle come to a stop. 

Even though the bag was black, light still leaked in between the small threads. She kept herself as calm as she could and took small breaths, counting them as she was carried into dimmer light. She overheard the two voices from the vehicle and a new one, all speaking the old language. She felt herself placed into something soft and heard a door close. She knew she was on something like a couch when she felt someone sit down next to her. The bag opened and she blinked at the soft light coming in. “Hello there.” A smoky voice said. She blinked again and looked up at a man, he had long white hair and gentle emerald eyes. He smiled and picked her up out of the bag. She squirmed and hissed at the man, trying to escape his grasp. “Oh, my lovely Willow. There isn’t anything to fear.” He set her down on the couch and waved his hand. She sat on the couch, naked, but human again. “Cigarette?” He held out a gold cigarette case with slim black cigarettes inside. She took one and he held up his finger, a flame on the end of his manicured nail. She leaned to it and lit the cigarette. She inhaled deeply and let out a puff of smoke. “Would you care for a drink?” He asked. She nodded. He stood and walked across the room. “There’s a robe, there, behind you, if you want.” He said as he mixed a deep violet drink over ice. Willow turned around and pull the crimson robe from the hook and quickly wrapped herself into it. “As I am sure you have gathered, my name is Adron. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He said and handed the drink to her. She took a small sip, trusting that he hand’t drugged her, at least not yet. A wave of vanilla and blueberry washed over her tongue, a lingering taste of vodka left on her lips. “What do you want?” She asked gruffly. “Straight to the point, I’ve always liked that about you.” He said, taking a seat next to her. He crossed his legs and reached an arm across the back of the green velvet couch. She stared at him, taking him in. He was dressed in loose linen pants and a blue silk robe. His feet and chest were bare. Small patches of white hair sprawled across his chest, matching his long hair. He was beautiful, she thought to herself. “Thank you.” He said and took a sip of his matching violet drink, she blushed realizing that he could read her thoughts. “I want, what we all we do, freedom. And you are in unique position to help with that.” He said. “You mean being tethered to The Sovereign?” She asked. “Is that what they told you?” He chuckled. Willow gave him a confused look. He lightly brushed her strawberry hair behind her shoulder. “You’re quite stunning yourself.” He said, twirling the strands of her hair around his finger. “Why would they lie to me?” She asked. Adron erupted in laughter. “Oh, love, why wouldn’t they?” 

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