Willow Part Three Madrid

I landed in Madrid the day before the festival of Almudena, I took a taxi to Malasaña and when I arrived at the hotel a man was waiting for me. I didn’t recognize him at first, he had dark beard, and was dressed in a navy suit. But when I saw his piercing gray eyes, I knew immediately it was James. After I checked into the hotel and the bellboy had taken my bags up to my room, James took me to little bar that was around the corner. While we walked he told me, he’d been living in Madrid for about 5 months, laying low as he always seems to be. But he had gotten word that I was to be visiting and he had something very important to discuss with me. After a few drinks he finally told me what he that was. He had stolen the Book of Tuar. Which I am sure you are aware of by now, and I assume why you are tracking him?

Alice nodded, “As soon as he set foot here, the alarms started going off and I just happened to be the closest agent and volunteered.” Willow bowed her head. “I have been tracking him now for a few months, all the way up the coast.” Alice shook her head, a look a frustration on her face.

He can be quite sly, we all know that. He had the book hidden away within the city. He wanted my help to retrieve it. He knew he was being tracked, even then, and that trying to get the book himself he would most certainly be caught. He begged and made promises if I helped him. Now, you know the elders and I have never been on good terms, and I knew helping James would not do me any favors with them. He had a plan, of course. I was to get the book during the festival and we would use the cover of the crowds to hand it off to him. He refused to tell me why he stole it but assured me that he had no ill intentions with it. Just between you and me, I figure he did it for the attention. You know he was always pulling tricks and causing trouble to get the attention of the elders. I let him finish his spiel and as I finished my 3rd glass of wine, I agreed to help him. Mostly because I had never seen the book myself, and my curiosity got the best of me.

He hid the book in one of the local cemeteries. It was a small cemetery and the gravestone he buried it behind was easy to find. I dug up the book and untapped it from the brown cloth it was in. I held it in my hands and undid the clasp. I sat down and leaned against the gravestone, I flipped through the pages. A drawing caught my eye. It was one I had never seen before, I read the description. It was a prophecy about the Sovereign one. I had never heard of this prophecy before, and I assumed it must have been kept secret for some reason or another. I studied the drawing again and the description of the Sovereign one. And I suddenly realized why James wanted the book. I closed it up and wrapped it back in the cloth and tucked it into my bag. I hurried to where James was suppose to be waiting. We wouldn’t talk to each other, or even look at each other. He was suppose to come up beside me and I’d hand the bag to him. I started walking toward where the exchange was to take place, I kept pace with the crowd, but James was nowhere to be seen. I tried to look around in the crowd without causing suspicion. An arm reached out and pulled me into a narrow alley when I passed by. James said he was being followed, he lost the agent, but didn’t want to risk exposing himself even with the all the people. He hurried me down the alley and we ducked into an open door that led into a small distillery. I handed the book off to him, before I could ask him any questions, 2 agents came in, one from the alley and one from front of the distillery. He said I’m sorry, and threw a smoke spell onto the ground. Just as he was doing so the agent from the alley threw a ball of blue light at him. James disappeared and the blue light hit me. The agent came over and picked me up, looked me over and realized their mistake. I was placed in a crate and put on an airplane and dumped here. I didn’t understand why I was put in this small town, until I saw her.

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