Willow part two Alice

It had been a month since Kate found the note in her closet. Whenever she was around the house and said “Willow” the cat would appear by her side. Kate still hadn’t found anyone to claim the cat, and she decided to keep it. Willow seemed to be happy living Kate. She’d cuddle up to Kate when she went to bed, Kate loved falling asleep to Willow’s purring. Kate had gone on a couple dates with Matt, and was in her bathroom getting ready for a dinner date with him that night. She was curling her hair, Willow sat on the counter next to the sink watching her. “I think I really like Matt. What do you think Willow?” She asked the cat, Willow meowed back and Kate smiled. She was putting on her boots when the doorbell rang. “Hi, I’m almost ready, come in.” She said to him. Willow came out of the kitchen and ran up to Matt, purring and rubbing against his leg. “I guess she likes you.” Kate said. Matt smiled and patted the cat on the back. “I’m glad she’s doing so well with you.” He said. “I’m happy too, I can’t believe no one has claimed her. She’s such a sweet cat. Ok, I’m ready.” Kate replied. Kate stroked Willow on the back, “I’ll be back later.” She said, locking the door behind her.

Willow sat by the front door until she heard the car pull away. She walked into the kitchen and sat down in front of the fridge. She stared up at it, the door began to shake and then flung itself open. She reached her head up to smell everything that was inside. No raspberries, she thought to herself and the door slammed shut. She jumped onto the counter and sniffed around. Oh, what’s that? Kate had left a half eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the counter. Hmm strawberry. Willow nibbled at the sandwich until she had her fill. The fur on her back stood up and she suddenly felt as though she was being watched. She looked around the kitchen and noticed a shadow moving outside the kitchen window. She crouched herself down and slowly moved to the window. Peering out she saw a tall slender figure pacing back and forth, the figure stopped and looked at her in the window. The figure moved closer to the window, Willow straightened herself up and stared back at it. A face appeared in front of her, bright red lips and golden brown eyes looked back at her. “Willow?” The woman asked. Willow cocked her head and studied the woman for a moment. Alice, she thought and woman smiled. “What on Earth are you doing as a house cat?” Alice asked. Willow jumped down off the counter and went to the sliding door and waited for Alice to appear. The latch lifted and the door slid open. Alice hesitated for a moment and then stepped inside.

Willow jumped onto the kitchen and Alice sat down in front of her. Were you looking for me? Willow thought, knowing that Alice could hear her. “No, I am happy to run into you, it’s been too long. But I have been tracking James. I think he was here maybe a month or so ago.” Alice said and then looked at Willow with wide eyes. “Was he here? Is that why you’re a cat?” She asked. Willow looked down and licked her paw. He was here, but I turned into a cat long before that. Alice thought to herself for a moment. “Did someone do this to you?” She asked. It’s a long story, but if you have the time. Alice nodded and gestured for Willow to continue. About a year ago, I took a trip to Madrid...

To be continued…

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