One more night

CW: Sexual content

She sat at the bar. Mostly empty and a red glow from the low lights, a rock song played on the speakers, one she remembered from her childhood. She turned her glass around in her hand, whiskey on the rocks, and shook the almost empty glass to the bartender. The bartender poured her another drink. She reached into her clutch to pay. The bartender set the whiskey in front of her with a napkin underneath it and shook his head. “Guy over there bought it.” He said and nodded his head toward the other end of the bar. She looked over, she knew him. It had been at least ten years since she saw him. When they were in college. He looked older than he was. It made him more handsome than she remembered. His dark blonde hair was peppered with gray. Thin lines on his forehead. The light blue button up shirt he wore matched his eyes. She mouthed it’s ok to the bartender. She picked the glass up and swirled it. She took a sip and let the ice touch her lips. She leaned her elbows onto the bar and lacing her finger under her chin, looking over at him she raised her eyebrows and smiled. He came over and sat down next to her. “Aiden.” She said and looked away from him. “Long time no see. You look good.” He said, leaning one arm onto the bar and facing her. “Thank you.” He lifted his glass, she picked hers up and they clinked them together. The music changed, a pop song played, the volume a little louder than before. The bar would soon fill with people wanting to drink and dance. People started to crowd around the bar. “I didn’t realize it was going to get so busy.” He said, looking around. “It’s Friday night.” She replied and took another sip of her whiskey. “You come here often?” He asked. She laughed, “I was suppose to have drinks with a friend, but she couldn’t make it. I was already here when she canceled.” She said, looking at him from the corner of her eye and shrugging. “Dance with me.” He said. “What?” “Dance with me.” He said again, raising his eyebrows and giving her a smirk. She picked up her glass said ok and downed the last of the whiskey. He took her hand and led her to the dance floor, a few other people were already dancing. He spun her, she slowly turned with his lead, he pulled her close to him, their bodies touching, they moved with the music. They dance in the crowd for a few songs. She fanned herself with her hands and nodded to the door. He nodded yes, she took his hand and he followed her out of the crowd and out to the back behind the bar. They sat down at one of the metal picnic tables. He wanted to ask her if she can feel what his feels right now. “I should probably get going” She says standing up. He grabbed her hand and looked up at her. He stands, their bodies close, their noses touching. “We can’t” She said. “Are you married? Seeing someone?” He asked, and moved his lips close to hers. She looked down at her feet. “No, divorced. But don’t you remember?” “I do, but I also remember all the other things. Some of those things I haven’t been able to stop thinking about since I saw you here tonight.” He said, putting his hand under her chin and bringing her eyes to meet his. “I’d like to know though.” He said. “Know what?” He leaned in and kissed her. She remembered the way his lips tasted, the rum on his breath reminded her of their nights together. She pressed her lips against his. “If you’d kiss me back.” He said against her mouth. She raised an eyebrow at him.

Aiden unlocked the door to his condo and held it open for her to go inside. She put her clutch down on an end table in the entryway and turned to face him. “You’ve done well for yourself.” She said. “The job can be stressful but I’m comfortable.” He replied. He moved closer to her, she reached out and grabbed his shirt pulling him close to her. He kissed her and put a hand in her chestnut brown hair. She opened her mouth to him and bit his lip. He pushed her up against the wall and lifted her dress. Kissing her neck he reached his hand between her legs. He slipped his hand into her underwear and slid his finger inside of her. He continued to kiss her neck, he softly bit the skin between her neck and shoulder. She took in a deep breath and exhaled a small moan. He pulled away and sucked his finger, tasting her. “Would you like a drink?” He asked. “Sure.” She followed him into the kitchen. He opened a bottle of merlot and poured two glasses. She took a sip of the wine and licked her lips, inviting him. He lifted her up onto the counter, he ran his hands down her calfs and removed her heels, dropping them to the floor and moving his hands up her thighs. She wrapped her legs around him. He ran his thumb over the rose tattoo on her inner thigh that covered his initials. “You don’t like me anymore?” He asked. “I’ve always liked you, it was loving you that was the problem.” She said and reached for her glass of wine, taking another sip. “Well, that’s fair.” He said and unbuttoned his shirt. Her initials faded now, still displayed over his heart under his chest hair. She smiled at and reached her hands to touch him. She moved her hands over his shoulders, gently running her fingers down his chest and abdomen. She pulled on his jeans bringing him closer to her. She kissed him, wanting him. He put his hands on her hips and squeezed, pulling her against him. He picked her up off the counter and gently let her feet touch the floor. Moving his hands up her body and down her back, grabbing her butt and kissing her again. “Come with me.” He whispered in her ear and delicately bit her ear lobe. He took her hand and led her to the bedroom. Lights from outside shined in through the window, giving them just enough to see each other in the night. He unzipped her dress and let it fall around her feet. Kissing her clavicle and moving her bra straps off her shoulders, undoing the clasp, he tossed it to the side. He laid her down on the bed and moved his mouth down her body. He licked her nipple and moved over to the other one, caressing her breasts in his hands. He ran his tongue down to her navel. He took her underwear off and kissed her inner thigh, licking the tattoo. He moved his mouth up her thighs, and licked her lips. She grabbed his hair, rubbing his head and running her fingers through his hair while he buried his tongue inside of her.

The morning sun came through the window. She slowly opened her eyes. Aiden was next to her in the bed, still sleeping soundly. She got up and found her clothes. She stood in the entryway, trying to decide if she should leave him a note or not. A text arrived on her phone that her Uber was out front. “Leaving without saying goodbye?” He asked, standing in his boxer briefs. “I didn’t want to wake you.” “Ok, can I call you sometime?” He asked her. “I’ll call you.” She said and left, closing the door behind her. “Damnit Nora.” He said to himself, shaking his head.
“You look like you had a fun night.” The Uber driver said. “Yeah.” She said and then started laughing. “I don’t have his number.” She said and continued to laugh.

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