Summer wasn’t what we were expecting, like many other people all our traveling trips were canceled. We stayed home and played in the yard, took one camping trip on top of a mountain away from people. It might snow tomorrow, so I guess we’re coming to the end of summer here in Montana. I’m not really a fan of summer, the heat, the bugs and the wildfires. And I hate not wearing long sleeves. But this summer was of course different, there were no park trips, no swimming, no music shows and no friends or family. I know it’s been like this for mostly everyone, I’m not special and I’m not complaining. This has been a summer I’ve quite enjoyed, no stressing over sunscreen, no getting the kids ready to leave, no packing up the car and no worrying about what we can afford. I realized the other day that I haven’t had a single mosquito bite, which might be the weirdest part. Anyway, here’s a few pictures of our isolated summer.

Camping on the mountain

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