Chapter 16 The End



Jacy sat at the breakfast nook, drinking a cup of coffee and shuffling her tarot deck. Abra came into the kitchen, she sat down across from Jacy. 

“We should have a party.” Abra said, raising her eyebrows. Jacy rolled her eyes at her. 

“Why?” Jacy asked. 

“Because you’ve lived here a year now.” Abra smiled. 

“Has it really only been a year? It feels like I’ve lived a thousand different lives this past year. And you just want a reason to have a party.” Jacy laughed. She pulled three cards from her deck. Abra leaned over to look at them. 

“Ok, a small party.” Jacy said picking the cards up and putting her deck away. 

Abra set out chips and dips on the dining room table. Jacy just got back from the store with a few bottles of wine. The doorbell rang. She greeted Morgan with a kiss and took the flowers he gave to the kitchen. She put them in a vase and set them on the kitchen counter. Morgan came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Abra answered the door and let Erza and Liam in, they brought more wine. Ezra immediately opened a bottle and poured glasses for the five of them. Elsie and Lily were the next to arrive. Chase showed not long after. 

“Ok, now that everyone is here, it’s time for a toast.” Ezra said, holding up his glass of wine. “Miss Jacy. I for one, am so glad that you moved here. This past year has been a wild ride, and it never would have happened without you.” Ezra said. 

“This past year, we have experienced enough to fill a lifetime. And I look forward to the what the rest of our lives bring.” Abra chimed in. They continued around the room, everyone giving a small toast to Jacy. She began to blush. 

“I don’t care about all the crazy things that have happened. And so much has happened. All that matters to me is that I get to know you all.” Jacy said, tears in her eyes. They all cheered and took sips of their wine. 


Ezra was pacing Jacy’s bedroom. She sat on the bed watching him, waiting for him to say something. 

“Ok, I can’t anymore, what is happening?” Jacy asked him. Ezra let out a big breath and threw his arms in the air. 

“I’m nervous! Scared! I have cold feet! Whatever you want to call it. Me? I do!  I am never nervous about anything! Why this?” He was screaming. Jacy laughed. 

“It’s not funny!” He shouted. 

“It is. And it’s adorable. Out of all the scary, crazy things you’ve been through, you’re nervous about the wedding!” Jacy smiled and laughed again. Ezra put his hands on his hips and stared her down. Jacy walked over to him and straightened his bowtie. 

“You’re only nervous because you’re thinking about what everyone else is going to be thinking.” She said to him. He started to talk. 

“Ahh, you know I’m right.” She said. He let out a big sigh and nodded. 

“Yes, usually I don’t care what anyone else thinks. But a wedding, it’s like a performance. And I don’t want to get my lines wrong.” He said. “Oh I’m going to cry.” 

“Hey, it doesn’t matter. Even if you mess up the words and turn into William Evans saying your vows. Liam is going to love you no matter what. And that’s all that matters.” Jacy said to him, smoothing his hair down. Ezra put his hands on Jacy’s on shoulders and nodded. 

“Yes, you’re right.” He said. “Ok, I’m ready. No matter what happens.” 

The wedding was beautiful. They used Jacy’s backyard, even the roses were in full bloom for the occasion. They were having the reception in the community building downtown. Jacy and Abra cleaned up a little before going to the reception. Abra waited for Jacy at the front door. Jacy was in her room. She took the now black sphere from behind the picture and wrapped it in a box. 

“Ready?” Abra said as Jacy came down the stairs. She nodded and they climbed into Jacy’s car. There were more people at the reception than the wedding, and Jacy understood why they had it at the community center instead of her house. Ezra and Liam were sitting at a table laughing together and greeting people as they came up to them. Jacy went over to them and handed the box to Liam. He gave her look and then looked at Ezra. Ezra nodded and Liam opened the box. He pulled out the sphere. Both of their eyes grew big. 

“It’s the sphere, it’s useless now, but I didn’t want to destroy it.” Jacy said to them, waiting for their reaction. 

“Oh Jacy, it’s the perfect wedding gift.” Ezra said and he stood up to hug her. 

Thunder roared through the sky. Jacy stood in the green house, watching the raindrops fall on the glass ceiling. Morgan came in, handing her a glass of wine and draping a shawl around her shoulders. He stood with her, his arm around her waist. 

“It was nice of the storm to wait until the wedding was over.” He said. A flash of lightening lit up the green house. Jacy shuttered. 

“I’m probably the only witch that doesn’t like thunder storms.” She said leaning her head against his side. He kissed her forehead and pulled her closer to him. 

“The thing about storms, is that eventually, they always pass.” He said, watching the rain fall. 

The End

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