Chapter 15


Jacy and Abra were just closing up shop, they were meeting the rest of the coven at The Oak Tavern for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Jacy checked her phone, a text from Morgan that he would be a little late but he would be there. The front door was open when they got to the house. They slowly walked into the foyer. Fay came rushing into the foyer meowing at Jacy. She picked the cat up and gave her a snuggle. 

“What happened Fay.” Jacy cooed and put Fay back on the floor. Abra crept into the dining room and Jacy went into the living room. Jacy went upstairs, the bedrooms were empty, she checked under the beds. Abra met her in the hallway and they went up to the attic together. No one was in the attic, but it appeared that someone had been up there. Books were thrown around, the trunks open and empty, the bookshelves were pushed over. 

“What happened?” Jacy said, putting her hands on her hips and glaring at the messy room. 

“I guess your dream came true, but we missed the person.” Abra said bending down to pick some books up. 

“Leave it, we’ll take care of it later. We have a party to get ready for.” Jacy said, shaking her head and heading back down the stairs. Abra followed her into her room. Jacy pulled out a couple dresses to try on. She pulled a red stealth dress over her head and went to look in the full length mirror. She stared at herself for a second and then shook her head. She pulled the dress off and put on a cream strapless tulle dress. 

“That one!” Abra said. Jacy agreed. They went into Abra’s room and she shifted through her closet. She pulled out a dark purple peplum dress with a lighter purple ruffle. She held up to her body. Jacy nodded yes, and Abra put the dress on. They did each other’s hair and makeup, and headed out. They pulled up in front of The Oak Tavern, the parking lot was almost full. They raised their eyebrows at each other. Abra parked the car and they got out. It was warmer than normal for New Year’s Eve, and Jacy was pleased that it wouldn’t be freezing. They walked into the bar and looked around, Liam was over at a high top table vigorously waving at them. 

“Ladies! Hello!” He said giving them each kisses on the cheek. 

“Where is everyone else?” Abra asked. 

“Ezra is at the getting more drinks, Elsie and Lily are doing their own thing, and Chase should be here any…” He trailed off looking at the door, Chase walked in, he was wearing a gray three piece suit with a bright purple tie. Abra got up to greet him. 

“Hey we match!” He said pointing to his tie. Abra waved her hands and mouthed magic. They laughed and gave each other a quick kiss before going to join everyone at the table. Ezra put a two drinks on the table, he pointed to Abra, Jacy and Chase initiating them to give their drink orders and then went back to the bar. 

Jacy sat at the table with Ezra and Liam, she watched Abra and Chase dance. Pleased to see her friend happy, she smiled to herself. 

“Oh so someone broke into the house today.” She said, not looking up from her drink. 

“Did they take anything?” Ezra asked. 

“Not that I could see, the attic is a mess.” Jacy said, shrugging her shoulders and taking a sip from the straw in her drink. 

“Excuse me.” Liam said and got up. He pulled his phone from his pocket, started dialing and went outside. Ezra raised his eyebrows at Jacy and shook his head. 

“Jacy! Come dance with me!” Abra pulled her off the stool and led her to the dance floor. Chase sat down at the table. Jacy and Abra danced, Jacy kept an eye on the door so she would be able to see when Morgan arrived. They danced for a couple songs and Liam finally came back in. He went over and whispered something in Ezra’s ear. A sudden suspiciousness washed over Jacy and she stopped moving. The music slowed to a stop. Abra looked at Jacy, she reached out to touch her arm. Jacy could see her speaking but she couldn’t hear her. She slowly turned her head to the door, an older man walked into the bar. Jacy looked around, everyone was moving in slow motion. The man that walked in, moved to the bar, he spotted Jacy and they stared at each other. Ezra moved in front of her, speaking with sound. She looked at him and then pointed to the man at the bar. Ezra looked over. He wrapped his arm around Jacy, and led her to a room in the back. She sat down on a chair and Ezra kneeled in front of her. 

“Jacy, are you ok?” He asked, she could suddenly hear again. 

“I think so. I couldn’t hear anything, and everything was moving so slowly. And that man. Who is he. Who did Liam call?” Jacy rushed through her words. 

“Liam called Morgan, he asked him to go check on your house before coming here.” Ezra told her. “And I am not exactly sure, but I think he might be William Evans. He was mayor a long time ago, tried to ban witchcraft from Honeywick.” Ezra got up and took a peak out in the bar. “And I only know a little of the story, all that happened before I was born.” He said and reached his hand out to help Jacy stand up. They went back to the table. Abra stood up to hug her. Jacy let out a long exhale. She felt like she had been holding her breath for years. Ezra whispered in Liam’s ear and directed Liam’s attention to the man at the bar. 

“That’s defiantly him.” Jacy heard Liam say to Ezra. Liam waved his hands directly them all to come in closer together. 

“So here’s the story…

In the 60’s, William Evans was elected mayor of Honeywick. A year into his term, he banned witchcraft. No one knew he was going to do that. The punishment was a fine and up to five days in jail. There has always been witches in Honeywick. They decided that they would just go back to practicing in secret. A girl in her early twenties was caught doing a spell in the park during the night. She spent three days in jail. The day after she was released, she went missing. People just assumed she left town on her own. A week later, she was found dead, just outside of town. Everyone was told it was a suicide, but the coroner, was a kinda of a drunk. And he told some people at the bar that she had been murdered. That the mayor, paid to him to rule it a suicide. Word got out, it was discovered that the mayor had started some kind of task force. Their job was to kill the witches after they spent their time in jail. He was recalled from his mayoral duties. But the witching community wasn’t satisfied with him just losing his job. Millie, your grandma, and a couple other witches, decided to take it upon themselves to get rid of the mayor. They cast spells on him that gave him nightmares and hallucinations. He started to go crazy. Then one day he disappeared. No trace of him, no heard from him since. My guess, is that he came back after Millie died.” Liam finished and took a large gulp of his martini, glancing over toward the bar at the old man sitting there. 

They all sat back in their chairs, their eyes darted around each other. They decided that they would keep on eye on him, but try to enjoy their night. Chase asked Abra to dance again. They went to the dance floor, William’s gaze followed them for a few moments before turning back to his drink. Jacy checked the clock on the wall, it was five past eleven. A waitress came over and took their empty glass and returned to the bar to get them refills. The waitress returned with their drinks. Morgan came in through the door, William got up from the bar. He walked toward the door and purposefully bumped into Morgan. He apologized and left. Morgan spotted the group and joined them. 

“There he is!” Ezra exclaimed. Morgan gave Jacy a squeeze with one arm and kissed her cheek. She smiled up at him, then looked over at the bar. 

“He’s gone.” She said. Ezra and Liam both turned to look. 

“Who?” Morgan asked. 

“Uh, an old guy that was at the bar.” Jacy said

“Oh I think he bumped into me on my way in. He left.” Morgan said nodding his head toward the door. Jacy looked up at him, she stood up and stuck her hands in his coat pockets. She pulled out a little bag filled with herbs. She threw it on the table. 

“I guess we know who it is now.” She said with her hands on her hips. Abra picked the bag up with her thumb and index finger and took it outside. Chase and Liam followed her. She walked into the parking lot and dropped it on the ground. 

“Either of you have a lighter?” She asked. Chase shook his head no, Liam pulled a lighter from his pants pocket. Chase gave him a funny look. 

“I always carry lighter, never know when you might need one.” Liam said handing it to Abra. 

“I’ll remember that.” Chase said. ‘Abra bent down and lit the bag on fire. It popped, the flames turned purple and then faded into orange. They watched it burn until the fire burnt itself out. 

They went back inside, Abra grabbed her drink from the table and gulped it down. Jacy went over to give her a hug and whispered thank you in her ear. Abra gave her a big hug back. 

“Well, now that we’re all here. Let’s dance!” Abra shouted over the music. She grabbed Chases hand, and Morgan held his hand out for Jacy. Ezra and Liam looked at each other, Ezra held his hand out and bowed his head. Liam laughed and took his hand. The formed a tight circle and all danced together. Everyone in the bar was dancing now. There was laughing and people swaying to the music. The DJ announced that the countdown would begin in one minute. Everyone cheered and continued to dance. Waitresses went around the dance floor handing out champagne. The music stopped. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six…Everyone yelled Happy New Year. Morgan put his arm around Jacy’s waist and pulled her to him for a kiss. They moved apart and realized their friends were all staring at them. Jacy put her hand to her lips and shrugged, hey all burst into laughter. They held their champagne glasses up and clicked them together. 

Fay was meowing loudly by the door to Jacy’s bedroom. Jacy rolled over and out of bed. She put her robe on and grabbed her phone from the nightstand. She leaned on the bed and stretched over to kiss Morgan on the forehead. He was still sleeping soundly, and she decided to just let him sleep. She followed Fay down to the kitchen, opened a can of food for her. Fay dug into her breakfast. She made coffee and while waiting for it to brew, she remembered the attic. She wasn’t much in the mood to clean it up at the moment. Abra came into the kitchen. 

“Are you as hung over as I am?” She asked, yawning and rubbing her head. Jacy opened the cupboards and pulled out some milk thistle tea. She turned the kettle on and waited and for the water to boil. She made the tea and added a little fresh ginger to each cup. She brought the cups to the breakfast nook where Abra was sitting with her head on the table. 

“Thank you.” Abra mumbled. Jacy chuckled to herself and sipped on her tea. 

“Hey, I know you’re hungover and everything but we need to talk about this William Evans guy.” Jacy said, reaching over and twirling Abra’s messing hair. Jacy swatted her hand away and grumbled something Jacy couldn’t understand. She got up and went to get her laptop. She typed William Evans Honeywick into the search bar. A couple articles came up, she sat back in her seat and read the first one. She was onto the third article when Chase came into the kitchen. He pointed to the coffee and she pointed to the cupboard where the mugs were. He poured himself some coffee and squeezed into the seat next to Abra, who still had her head on the table. She slowly raised her head after he nudged her and looked up at him, forcing a smile and laying her head on his shoulder. 

“Found anything?” She asked. 

“Pretty much just what Liam told us last night, except for the parts about grandma and the other witches.” Jacy shrugged. 

“Who do you think they were? The other witches?” Chase asked. Jacy got up to get her grandma’s address book again. They had figured out her grandma’s code and knew what coven her grandma was in. She looked through, all the witches from her grandmother’s coven had a D next to them. Which they assumed meant dead. 

Jacy had given up on her internet search. She was in the kitchen making tea. Abra and Chase had left to get lunch. Morgan was in the living room, cuddled under a blanket with a throbbing headache. 

“How are you not as hungover as the rest of us?” He asked taking the mug of tea Jacy handed him. She shrugged and sat down next to him. A gust of wind blew, rattling the old windows. Jacy opened the curtain to look out. The sky had turned cloudy and snow was blowing in the wind. She watched the snow flakes twirl around in the wind. A chill went down her spine. She closed the curtain and went to the fire place to get a fire going. Morgan watched her while he sipped on the hot tea. The fire started and Jacy felt the warmth moved through the room. 

“That’s better.” She said and smiled at Morgan. The doorbell rang, followed by pounding on the door. Jacy shook her head and walked to the door. She stood in the foyer staring at the large figure behind the stained glass. Morgan got up, he cracked the door. 

“Pete!” He said and opened the door for him. 

“Sorry to bother you Jacy. But I think your friends are in trouble.” He said holding his head down. 

“What do you mean?” 

“They came in for lunch. As they were leaving a man came up to them. They started arguing, I went out to the parking lot to help them but when I got there.” He sighed. “They were all gone. I tried to call, but the line wouldn’t go through.” He said. Jacy went to the kitchen and grabbed her phone, she tried to call Abra, but nothing happened. 

“My phone isn’t working either.” Morgan said to her. 

“Could be the storm. Maybe knocked out the cell tower.” Pete suggested. 

“Thank you for coming Pete, you should get back to the bistro before the storm gets worse.” Jacy gave him a hug and closed the door behind him. 

“What do we do?” She looked wide eyed at Morgan. He shook his head. 

Jacy paced the living room. She had tried the landline but it was down as well. The wind howled outside, the lights flickered. 

“This is going to be one hell of a blizzard.” Morgan said, looking out the window. Jacy ran up to the attic. Morgan followed her. 

“What are you doing?” He asked. 

“A location spell. It’s all I can do right now.” She said, handing him the old map of Honeywick. 

She set everything up on the dining table. The power flickered again and went out. 

“There’s some more candles in the bottom of the China cabinet.” She said nodding over to where they were. Morgan pulled out as many candles as he could find. Fay jumped up on the table and Jacy took her off and put her on the chair next to where she was standing. 

“I know Fay.” She gave the cat a pet on the head. She lit candles around the map and her pendulum over it. She focused on Abra. The pendulum spun around. It landed on a building downtown, Jacy recognized it as the Merry Broom now. 

“Morgan.” She called out. He came running into the dining room. She told him that she thought they might be a the Merry Broom.

“I’ll drive.” He said. They got into Morgan’s car, he pulled out of the driveway. The snow was blowing hard, even with his lights on it was hard to see the road. He pulled up in from of the shop an Jacy rushed to the door. It was unlocked. Morgan went in first. Jacy called out for Abra. She tried the lights but the power was off downtown. 

“Must be out all over town.” Morgan said. A light was flickering in the back office. Morgan held a finger over his lips and Jacy followed him. Morgan went into the office, it was empty. He waved for Jacy to come in. A candle was lit on the desk. A piece of paper was under the candle. Jacy held it to the light. She knew Abra’s handwriting. 


“What’s that mean?” Morgan asked her. Jacy looked up at him, her eyes wide. 

“They’re at the house.” She said, she dropped the paper and blew the candle out. They rushed back to the car. Morgan slowly drove back to the house. Jacy ran into the house, screaming for Abra and Chase. Morgan picked up the baseball bat that Jacy kept by the front door. He shushed her and pointed a finger toward the ceiling. Jacy heard footsteps coming from above them. Morgan went up the stairs first, Jacy followed closely behind him. They checked the bedrooms, and then went up to the attic. There was rustling coming from inside the attic room. Morgan slowly pushed the door open. 

“What are you doing?” Jacy shouted. The figure turned and rushed toward her. 

“Jacy, he has Abra.” Chase said, tears rolling down his cheeks. “I was trying, looking, for something. I don’t know what to do.” He said and burst into tears. 

“The message at the shop. It said home, I thought he brought you both here.” Jacy said. 

“No.” Chase said, wiping his eyes. 

“What did it mean then.” Jacy asked him, searching his face. He shrugged his shoulders. Jacy turned to back downstairs. Chase grabbed her arm. 

“Wait, Helen, Olivia, Mildred. They were a part of the coven, they must be the witches that banished him. Who is E then?” He said, shaking.

“Elenor.” She said and ran down the stairs. 

Jacy banged on Elenor’s front door. She heard someone inside, yelling that they were coming. 

“What are you doing out in this weather?” Elenor asked, frustrated. 

“We need your help.” Jacy said and pushed her way into the house. Jacy explained what had happened and Elenor tried to keep up. 

“You are more trouble than your grandmother.” Elenor said shaking her head. 

“Will you help us?” Jacy asked. 

“I’ll make some tea.” Elenor replied. 

“We don’t have time for tea.” Chase yelled. 

“There is always time for tea.” Elenor said and went into the kitchen. The three of them sat down on the couch, giving each other concerned looks. Elenor brought the tea out and poured them each a cup. They sat in silence while they all drank their tea. 

“Give me your cups.” Elenor instructed. They put their cups down in front of her. She picked up Chase’s cup first. She put the cup down and picked up Morgan’s cup next. Jacy’s cup was last. She slowly turned the cup clockwise in her hands. She put the cup down. 

“Ezra has what you need. But you’ll be the one to save them.” She said to Jacy. 

“Ezra, E, of course.” Chase said under his breath. Elenor cleaned up the tea cups, and sent them on their way. 

“Them?” Jacy asked from the door. 

“You’ll see.” Elenor said. 

They pulled up in front of Ezra and Liam’s house. Jacy got out of the car and knocked on the door. 

“Jacy! What a surprise!” Liam said answering the door. 

“I need to talk to Ezra.” She said. Liam nodded and invited her in. 

“Miss Jacy, I had the craziest dream last night.:” Ezra said as soon as he saw her. She sat down at the  kitchen table with him and told him what had happened. 

“It all makes sense now.” He said. Jacy gave him a funny look. He put his hands over her’s. 

“My dream. I dreamt you and I were in an old house, there were candles everywhere. We were looking for someone. A man was standing in the corner of one of the rooms, like he was waiting for us. He was trying to talk, but his words were jumbled. There was a music box in the middle of the room. The little ballerina in the box, it was Abra. She was trapped in the box.” Ezra finished. 

“Let me get dressed. I think I know where they are.” Ezra said standing up and going to the bedroom. He came out a few minutes later. He whispered something in Liam’s ear. 

“We have to stop at the bookstore first.” He said. Jacy followed him down to the car, where Morgan and Chase were waiting. 

They parked on the street in front of the bookstore. Ezra got out, telling them he would just be a moment. They waited in the car for him. A few minutes later he returned carrying a small box with him. He slid into the backseat and gave Morgan directions for where they needed to go. 

Morgan carefully drove to the edge of town. The roads were starting to get icy. He pulled off onto a dirt road. He followed the road, a house that looked to be abandoned came into view. He slowed the car and crept it closer to the front of the worn house. 

“Here?” He said turning around, his eyes wide looking at Ezra. Ezra smiled and nodded. 

“Ok, Miss Jacy. Shall we?” He got out of the car and Jacy followed him. The wind blew, but didn’t come through the thick trees surrounding them. He creaked the door open. It was dark inside, a faint light came from upstairs. Ezra raised his eyebrows at Jacy, they went up the stairs. Candles were lit down the hallway, leading to an open door. Jacy took a deep breath and slowly walked to the door, gently pushing it open. Abra was laying on the floor in the middle of the room. Surrounded by candles. Jacy rushed to her side. 

“Abra? Abra can you hear me?” She said, holding Abra’s head in her lap. The door closed. They looked toward the door. A figure was standing in the corner behind the door. He slowly walked out of the shadows and into the candle light. He held a gun out in front of him, pointing it at Jacy. 

“What do you want?” Jacy asked, tears running down her face. He pointed to his throat. Jacy shook her head. He kept pointing to his throat. He reached into his pocket, and pulled out a piece of paper. He shock the paper toward Jacy, she took it from him. It was a spell. It was the spell her grandmother and the other witches used on him. 

“They took your voice away?” Jacy asked. He opened his mouth but just a jumble of words came out. 

“Don’t, find, her, fly.” He spitted out. Jacy looked up at Ezra and he gave her a sly smile and opened the box. A little ballerina popped out of the box and music played. 

“What is that?” William said, hearing his words, he stumbled backwards. Ezra closed the box. 

“It’s music box, I use to help me translate old texts.” Ezra said smiling. William pointed his gun at it, motioning for Ezra to open it again. 

“If you want to speak, put the gun down.” Ezra ordered. William slowly bent down and put the gun the on the floor. He stood back up and lifted his hands so that Ezra could see they were empty. Ezra opened the music box. 

“I haven’t been able to speak in so long.” William said, tears welling in his eyes. 

“What did you do to her?” Jacy demanded. 

“I was trying to transfer the spell to her. Something went wrong. She passed out.” He said, trembling. He told that when he heard Mildred had died, he knew that he could finally get into the house to find the original spell. But Jacy had moved in. He had only been trying to scare her out of the house. He didn’t really want to hurt any of them. Ezra bent down and picked Abra up. He carried her to the door. 

“You can’t do magic if you hate it. That’s why your spells didn’t work.” He said and carried Abra downstairs to the car. 

“I can help you, but you have to leave, you have to go and never come back here again.” Jacy said hissed at him. 

“I promise.” He said. Jacy picked the music box up and closed it. William followed her to the car. They returned to Jacy’s house. Chase carried Abra up to her room, Ezra and Morgan guarded William in the living room. Jacy sat on the end of the bed, holding the music box in her hands. She opened the box and set it on the nightstand next to Abra’s bed. She lit some candles on Abra’s altar, she removed her mother’s necklace and held it in her hands. 

I transfer the spell into thee

I render the spell dormant

No further power shall it have

This is my will

She put the necklace on the table, and smashed it with Abra’s small cauldron. Abra sat up gasping. 

“What happened?” Abra asked. Jacy ran over to her and pulled her into a hug. Jacy closed the music box. They went downstairs. Chase rushed over to Abra, hugging her. Jacy handed the music box to Ezra. 

“Speak.” She instructed to William. He spoke, clearly. Amazed, he started to cry. 

“Thank you. And I’m so sorry.” He said. Jacy nodded and told Morgan to take William to the motel. He could leave when the weather allowed. 

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