Tea and Death – A poem

I have lived in the shadows
Danced in the dark
Music only I can hear
Shadows in the corner of my eye
Whispering songs yet to be sung

Running through the fog
Lost in the smoke from my breath
A rootless soul, a mad angel’s gait
Unlock the door and invite death in for tea
Heaven is not here
In this wild abandon

If I break down the walls
Will I find the garden?
The magnolias in bloom
Fragrant with the dust you left behind
I cut my hair again
Your secrets falling to the floor in strands
Around my feet

Forget the days and nights
The lost winters
Death will wait another day
Time runs between us now
Insolent steps thrown from the sky
Have we not had enough?

Confessions mean nothing when you are alone
One for you and three for me
I saw your ghost the other day
It blew away on a dandelion seed
Stumbling through the night
Singing lullabies in the sunrise

Stolen treasure
We leave nothing behind
The sun, the sinner and the forgiver
Howling to the same moon
Oh the places I use to know

Finding strength in small corners of our bed
Small steps as he goes
I keep our mistakes under my pillow
Giving my regrets to you
My hands and my skin
How can I tell you the things you didn’t want to know?
We lost the fight of our hearts and no one is claiming victory

Death drank the tea
Told me the stories of your war against the sun
How you let it burn up your soul
Over and over again

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Mom, wife, artist, writer and witchy woman

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