Chapters 7 & 8


Jacy was meeting Morgan at the coffee shop at one. That gave her plenty of time to finally plant the roses that were still in pots. Abra told her that her mother used to grate soap around the garden and the smell kept the deer away, so Jacy figured it was worth a try. Abra and her went out and planted the roses and sprinkled grated Irish spring soap around them.
“Have you asked your cards about Morgan?”
“No, and I don’t want to. I want to be surprised. Good or bad.”
“Well that’s one way to do it.” Abra shrugged. Jacy put her arm around and they went inside to clean up from digging in the dirt.

“Abra! What do I wear?” Jacy screamed down the hall. Abra laughing came upstairs and started searching through Jacy’s closet. She picked out an olive sundress.
“Put this on. Hmmm with these sandals!” Abra threw a pair of flat sandals at her. “And leave your hair down.” Abra sat on the bed while Jacy dressed and did her makeup. Jacy came out of the bathroom and did a little twirl in front of Abra.
“What do you think?”
“Beautiful as always. Have fun!” Abra gave her a hug.

Jacy arrived at the coffee shop, she didn’t Morgan anyway and went to order a latte. She stood in line behind an elderly couple. She smiled seeing them holding hands. She felt an arm reach around her shoulder, turning her head there was Morgan.
“Hey!” He said with a gleaming smile.
“Hi.” Jacy felt a little weak in the knees looking into his blue eyes. They ordered coffee and went to sit at one of the tables in the window.
“How have you been?” He asked smiling at her and taking a drink of his americano.
“Not too bad.”
“Ezra told me you’re having a little trouble with the house.” Jacy was taken by surprised and swallowed her sip of latte wrong. Coughing into a napkin she looked at him with wide eyes. Once she gained her composure, she asked what he meant.
“Well, I’m not a witch like my brother and you but I’ve had my fair share of experiences with ghosts.” He said casually.
“I’m not sure it’s a ghost.” Jacy looked around the coffee shop, the older couple in the corner laughing and gazing at each other.
“I could come over sometime and check it out.” Morgan offered. Jacy realizing that maybe he didn’t call her just to have coffee frowned at her latte.
“Are you a ghost hunter?” She asked.
“Oh, no. It’s a little weird to explain. Ever since I was little, I’ve been able to like feel the energy of ghosts.” He looked at her waiting for her reaction.
“You’re a medium?”
“Kind of, I haven’t been able to talk to any ghosts, but I would be able to tell you if you had one.” He shrugged. Jacy mulled over this new information about him.
“Did you call me just to talk about ghosts?” she asked half jokingly.
His eyes darted around the coffee shop and he shifted in his chair, he leaned in over the table closer to her, and smiled and shook his head no. She smiled back at him and changed the subject.
They spent all afternoon in the coffee shop talking.

“Abra!” she yelled leaning against the front door. Abra came running into the foyer from the kitchen.
“So how did it go?”
“I think we have a real connection. Oh and get this he’s like a medium!”
“Like a medium?”
“He said he can’t talk to ghosts but can feel their energy.”
“That might be useful.”
“What smells so good?”
“Rose and I are making eggplant parmesan!”
“I’m so happy Rose is feeling better.” They went into the kitchen. Rose was sitting at the counter and reading through the newspaper. Jacy went over and gave her a little hug. Rose patted Jacy’s arm without looking up from the paper.
“Are you feeling better?” Jacy asked.
“Oh yes dear, nothing a good night’s sleep couldn’t fix.”

Jacy and Abra went into the living room to wait for dinner to finish. She filled Abra in on the entire coffee date. Abra told her about texting with Chase. They giggled realizing they were talking about boys like teenagers but were both giddy in their excitement of prospective relationships. Rose came into the living room to let them know dinner was ready and that she was heading home for the night. They bid each other goodnight and the two of them moved into the kitchen to eat. Abra opened a bottle of wine and Jacy got plates and forks out. They decided to take everything into the living room, sitting on the floor they dug in.
“I called about the lease on that shop, I’m meeting with the owner on Tuesday to look at it and put a deposit down.” Abra looked at Jacy, but she didn’t appear to be paying attention.
“Jacy, did you hear me?” Abra waved a hand in front of Jacy’s face, and then turned to see what she was staring at. Abra screamed when she saw the apparition of the older woman standing there in the foyer looking at them.
“Grandma?” Jacy squeaked. Her grandmother’s ghost smiled and waved a hand bidding them to follow her. Jacy rose and Abra tugged on her hand shaking her head. She turned and looked at Abra sitting on the floor shaking.
“It’s ok.” She said to her and helped Abra stand up. They followed the ghost to up the stairs and up into the attic. Her grandmother stopped in the middle of the room, and then pointed to a trunk that was tucked behind a bookshelf. Jacy looked at the trunk and then back at her grandmother. Her grandmother smiled and then vanished. Abra smiled and thanked her grandmother. She looked over at Abra who was standing in the doorway with her arms wrapped around her.
“She’s gone, help me move this bookshelf.” Abra stared at her, took and deep and walked over to Jacy. They moved the bookshelf and Jacy dragged the trunk out from behind it. They kneeled in front of the trunk and opened it. It was filled with old books and photo albums.
“This is what your grandma scared us for?”
“She wasn’t trying to scare us. She was trying to help.”
“Yeah, ok, I need more wine.” Abra got up and went down to the kitchen, she returned with a bottle of wine.
“No glasses?”
“I think we’re past using glasses tonight.” And she took swig of the chardonnay from the bottle. Jacy giggled and followed her lead. They dug through the trunk while they shared the bottle of wine. They flipped through the photo albums, glancing at the old photos of Jacy’s family.
“Is that Rose?” Abra asked looking at one of the old photos.
“Well no, that’s Annabelle with her, my great great grandma. So maybe Rose’s grandma? I knew her mom worked for my grandma, it’s possible that her grandma worked in the house too?”
“That makes sense.”

Jacy noticed that there were a few books that looked like grimoires and put them off to the side to read through later. It was getting late and they were both tired. They went down to the living room to clean up from dinner.
“So is your grandma, like haunting the house?”
“I don’t think so, I think it was just her spirit that came to help.” Jacy thought about how she had gotten interrupted while doing the spell but smiled happy that it still worked. They finished cleaning up and Abra made some chamomile tea for them. They sat and drank their tea in silence.
“I’m going to head up to bed. See you in the morning.” Abra kissed Jacy on the forehead and she bid her goodnight. Fay sauntered up to Jacy and jumped in her lap. The calico purred as Jacy stroked her soft fur. Jacy looked around the darkened room, the candles she lit earlier almost burned down completely. She felt a warm breeze blow in her hair and felt the warmth embrace her. She drifted off to sleep in the chair with Fay fast asleep on her lap.


Jacy and Abra stood in the middle of their new shop. They just finished painting the walls a light mint blue and were admiring the work that they had put into it. New flooring and counters, bookshelves to hold anything they wanted, small oak tables and fresh paint smell circled around them.
“Think we’ll be finished by Samhain?” Abra asked Jacy, not looking up from the documents she was reading over.
“That’s the plan, right? I think we can do it.” Jacy moved one of the little tables to the middle of the shop and arranged it until she was happy with its placement.
“It’s in three weeks. I think you’re right though. Maybe we can recruit a little help from the coven.” Jacy smiled at Abra and went into the back room to get a few boxes to unpack. She brought out a box and set it on the floor, using a pocket knife she cut the tape and opened it. Candles and candle holders were in the box. She pulled two candles out of the box, holding one in each hand and looked around the shop.
“There.” She pointed one of the candles to a bookshelf closest to where they set up the service counter. She put the candles on the self and unpacked the rest.
“Hello?” She heard someone say from the door. Elise and woman were standing in the entrance.
“Hey ladies, I thought maybe you could use some help.” Elsie said from the door. Jacy smiled, thinking how Abra had just mentioned getting help.
“Yes please!” Abra said and went to hug Elsie.
“This is my wife Lily. Lily this is Jacy and Abra.” Elsie introduced them.
“Hi, Elsie has told us so much about you, I’m so happy to finally meet you.” Jacy said giving Lily a little hug. She showed them around the shop and told them about their plans for the space. They helped them move bookshelves and tables and unpack the rest of the boxes they had in the back room.
“Looking good so far. I’m so excited for you guys to open.” Lily said.
“Do you practice?” Abra asked her.
“Yes, but I’m solitary, which is why I’ve never joined in on all the Willow’s fun.” Lily smiled at Jacy and Abra and hugged Elise around the waist.
“Thank you so much for all your help today.” Jacy said waving goodbye to the two of them.
Jacy and Abra finished up doing the rest of the work in the shop for the day. Abra locked up and they headed home. They walked back to the house. Stopping to look at all the shops on Main Street decorated for Halloween. They stopped in front of a little boutique decorated with old haggard witches and spooky black cats.
“Have you finished reading the grimoires we found yet?” Abra asked.
“I still have one more to read.” Jacy said without looking away from her at the decorations. She watched the witch decoration move, it turned and stared back at her. Its mouth opened, and she focused on the witch’s face. The lips of the decoration moved slowly, speaking so low she could barely hear it.

“Run. Run. Run.”

Jacy heard it clearly. She couldn’t turn away from it. She watched and listened to the witch.
“Jacy, Jacy did you hear me?” Abra asked her, it sounded like she was far away.
“Huh, what? Oh no I’m sorry.” She said shaking her head and turning to look at Abra.
“I’m sorry, I must have spaced out.” She looked back at the unmoving decoration of the witch.
Abra grabbed her arm and they finished their walk back to the house. Abra talking about their plans for the shop and Jacy thinking about the house. The stood on the front porch for a moment watching the last of the sunlight disappear.
“So what should we do for your birthday?” Abra asked her. Jacy’s birthday was a few days away, and she forgot all about it.
“I forgot my own birthday!”
“Wow, you really are getting old.” Abra laughed.
“I don’t know, 31 seems boring.” Jacy shrugged her shoulders and unlocked the front door.

Jacy woke the next morning, it was her last day at Pete’s Bistro. She was sad to be leaving, in the short time that she had been working there, she came to enjoy it very much. There were a few regulars she adored, and she loved working next to Liz. Her and Abra on to their own adventure, one they had been planning since they met. She went into the bathroom to shower and get ready. She turned the light on and started the shower to warm up. The pipes groaned and rattled when she turned the water on. She rolled her eyes. She sat on the edge of the tub and while she waited for the water to get up to temp. The water turned a bright purple and then orange and then blood red.
“You’ve been doing this for months! If you want the water to look like blood, then just make it red! You don’t have to go through the whole rainbow!” She screamed in the bathroom. The spirit no longer scared the two of them. It continued to try but did the same things over and over that they expected it and knew what it was. The water turned clear again and Jacy undressed and got in the shower. She washed, dressed and did her makeup. She was drying her hair and the lights flickered, she waited for them to stop before finishing. Abra was sitting at the breakfast nook, and Rose was finishing up making breakfast.
“You looked less than amused. Get another fun shower?” Abra asked her.
“Every morning.” Jacy poured herself some coffee and sat at the table with Abra.
“I don’t know what to do anymore. And it’s like the ghost is actually a broken record.”
“Ghost?” Rose asked.
“Well I’m guessing that’s what it is. Keeps doing the same things every day, at the same times.” Abra told her.
“There isn’t any ghost in this house! You girls must be imagining things!” Rose laughed and went into the green house to water the plants.
“That was strange.” Jacy shrugged and headed to Pete’s.

It was quiet when she arrived, Pete was busy at the grill like usual, and Liz was filling up a few sugar jars at the front counter. The smell of bacon of coffee hit Jacy as soon as she walked in. She put her apron on and went to help Liz finish refilling the jars.
“How you doing darling?” Liz asked her.
“Ok. I’ll miss you.”
“Ha, we’re not going anywhere. You know where to find us.” Liz got up to unlock the front door and turn the open sign on. An older couple came in a few minutes later. Jacy recognized them as regulars, they came in every Tuesday morning. A tingle of sadness washed over her as she greeted and sat the couple at their usual table. She was pouring them coffee and glanced out the window. She could see Rose across the street with another woman. It looked like they were arguing. She couldn’t see the other woman. She gave the couple their coffee and told them she would be right back to take their orders. Still watching Rose and woman she shook her head, telling herself that it’s not her business. She willed herself to look away but couldn’t. Rose huffed off, and the other woman turned around and stared into Pete’s. Jacy felt like she was looking right at her.
“Ellie” Jacy said under her breath. She quickly ducked behind the counter and looked over to see that Ellie was gone.
“What are you doing down there?” Liz asked her.
“Oh, I uh, dropped my pen!” Jacy laughed nervously. She went over to take the couple’s order. Looking out the window, she couldn’t see Rose or Ellie. The rest of the morning was busy as usual. She sat down at the counter for a little break with a cup of coffee before the lunch rush. The bell on the door rang and she looked over her shoulder to see Morgan standing in the doorway. He came and sat next to her at the counter.
“On break?”
“For 30 more seconds.”
“What can get you?”
“Coffee please.” Jacy got up and poured him a coffee. His hand brushed against her when he reached for the cup and she felt a small spark of static touch her finger tips.
“Oh sorry.” He said. She smiled, a family of three walked in before she could say anything more to him, she greeted the family and told them to sit where they like. She took menus over to them and turned around, Morgan was gone. Under his tip was a note asking her to call him when she was finished with work. She smiled and put the note in her pocket.

Liz turned the open sign off, Jacy was sweeping the floor. Liz motioned for her to come to the kitchen. She followed Liz, there was a little cake and bottle of champagne sitting on the island.
“You shouldn’t have.” Pete opened the champagne and the three of them ate the cake and talked about Jacy and Abra’s shop plans.
“Best of luck to you both! We can’t wait to see it!” Liz gave her a big hug. She left with an extra slice of cake for Abra. She unlocked her car and got in. She started the engine and turned the headlights on. Something flew over the hood and banged into the windshield. She shrieked, covering her head. Slowly she released herself and looked out onto the hood of her car. A crow laid out on the hood. She got out of the car. She stared at the crow, it’s glossy black eye blinked. It ruffled itself upright and stared back at her. It cocked its head examining her. Let out a caw and flew away. She checked her windshield, a small chip in the middle of it, and a few feathers left behind. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and called Abra before driving home. She pulled up to the house a few minutes later.

“Abra!” She yelled as soon as she entered the house. No one answered her. She looked in the living room, then went to the kitchen. She climbed the stairs calling for Abra. She went into Abra’s room, but it was empty. She headed towards the attic, turning ran straight into Abra.
“There you are!”
“I was just in the bathroom. Are you ok? You look like you’ve seen…well a scarier ghost.”
“I’m ok, I was just freaking myself out.” She laughed, they went into Jacy’s room so Jacy could change out of her work clothes.
“Call him!” Abra encouraged her after she told her about Morgan coming into Pete’s earlier.
“Ok, sometimes I forget that we’re adults.” She shook her head and listened to the phone ring. Morgan picked up. She explained about the supposed ghost and invited him over.
“He’ll be over in about fifteen minutes.” Abra and her looked at each other and then giggled. They went down to the living room to wait. The doorbell rang, Jacy answered it to find Morgan and Ezra standing in front of her. She stared at them for a moment.
“Sorry, I don’t think I’ve seen you two stand next to each other. You’re like twins.”
“We’re just a couple years apart. I’m the good looking one though.” Ezra laughed and hugged Jacy as they entered the house.
“Let’s see about that ghost huh?” Morgan said to her following her into the foyer. Jacy led Morgan through the downstairs but he didn’t pick up any energies. She took him to the upstairs bedrooms but still nothing. They went up to the attic. Morgan stopped at the doorway, looking into the room.
“Anything?” Jacy asked him. He walked into the attic room and looked around. Jacy tried to get something from his face, but his expression was blank.
“I can feel a little energy, it’s a good energy. It’s not really here though.”
“What do you mean not really here?”
“Like the ghost is just watching, that’s the easiest way to explain it.” He walked around the room and ran his hands along the shelves.
“That’s probably just my grandma then.” Jacy crossed her arms and watched him move around the room.
“What’d you find?” Ezra asked from the doorway.
“Nothing, no bad energy, not really even a ghost.” Morgan replied. They headed down to the kitchen where Abra was waiting with an open bottle of wine and a bowl of salad she made while they were upstairs.
“Well?” She asked them, Jacy just shook her head. They went and sat down in the dining room. They sat at the table and quietly ate the salad Abra made for them. None of them sure where what to do next to figure out what was going on in the house.
“Maybe it’s a broken hex?” Ezra broke the silence.
“A what?” Abra asked him.
“You said that it just repeats the same things around the same times, and that it mostly happens to Jacy right?”
“Yeah, I’m the one that sees most of it, Abra has only seen it when I’m with her….oh.” Jacy stopped and thought about it for a moment.
“You think someone hexed me?”
“Maybe, but they either didn’t do it right, or the spell got messed up somehow. Hence the broken record ghost.” Ezra said to her, raising his eyebrows.
“Broken record, broken hex. I guess it makes sense.” Abra said. They laughed at Abra’s small joke.
“Or someone installed a timer for a really lousy prank.” Morgan shrugged. Ezra glared at him and shook his head.
“What? Just giving all the possibilities, right?” Morgan put his hands up and they laughed.
“Ok, Morgan you check the electric and plumping. Abra and I will search the house for hex bags and things like that. Jacy you go get the supplies for a hex reversal.” Ezra said as he gulped down the last of his wine. They split up and went about the house on their tasks. Jacy pointed Morgan down to the basement where the electrical box and plumbing were. She went upstairs to the attic to get the supplies they would need. Jacy was in the attic going through her candles, when a book fell off the shelf. It laid flat on its spine and when she went to pick it up the pages started to flip finally landing on a page. Jacy looked at the pages in the open book, she grabbed the book and raced downstairs to find the others. She found Abra in the living room on the floor looking under the couch and chairs.
“Abra, look at this!” Abra shot up and knocked her head on the underside of the end table.
“Ow, what is it?” She took the book from Jacy, reading it with wide eyes and raised eyebrows. Her mouth opening and closing trying to form words.
“Should we tell the guys?” Abra finally asked her.
“I’m not sure, if this is true, then I think we need to make a plan.” She closed the book and Ezra came rushing into the living room. Morgan came up from the basement and just shook his head to signal that he didn’t find anything. They heard Ezra let out small screech and went upstairs to find him half way under Jacy’s bed.
“Are you ok?” Morgan asked him.
“Yeah, there’s a little bag under here, but it shocked me when I tried to grab it.”
“A hex bag?” Abra asked with wide eyes.
“I think so.” He pulled himself up off the floor and looked around the room. Jacy got down to look under the bed, Ezra warning her not to touch it, but she reached for it anyway. She pulled the small bag from under the bed and examined it.
“It smells like burnt hair” She said scrunching her nose. They went downstairs to the kitchen, Jacy back up to the attic to get the supplies for the hex reversal. She came back down to them staring at the bag on the kitchen island.
“Why did shock me and not you?” Ezra wondered out loud. Jacy just gave him a shrug of her shoulders and set candles down on the island. Abra prepared everything for the reversal, Morgan sat at the breakfast nook out of the way, while Jacy watched. This wasn’t something she knew much about, but it was one of Abra’s specialties. She placed the candles around the bag and lit them going counterclockwise.

The hex is broken
The curse is lifted
Jacy is lucky, happy, fortunate and healthy
She is free from all evil.

“Now what?” She asked Abra.
“We drink wine and let the candles burn out.” Abra smiled at her and went over to give her a little hug.
“Once the candles are burnt down, you need to bury the hex bag, in a uh graveyard.” She whispered to Jacy. Jacy nodded her head and went to get wine glasses out of the cabinet. They sat around the breakfast nook drinking chardonnay and talking about anything not related to magic. Jacy occasionally, giving Abra a look indicated they needed to figure something out about what she found in the book. An hour later Ezra and Morgan left. Jacy and Abra stayed in the kitchen waiting for the candles to burn down.
“Maybe I should just sell the house?” Jacy mused taking a sip of her wine. Abra raised her eyebrows and shook her head.
“I just hope all this curse and hex business ends soon.” She said looking over at the kitchen island.
“According to the book, the crystal ball we found, isn’t a crystal ball.” Abra said. Jacy put her face in hands and mumbled to herself. She got up and went to get the book so that they could take a closer look at what it said. It was Annabelle’s journal, her great great grandmother. The page that opened to her was about her great great grandfather, Oliver Thornheart. He had found a very large diamond and had it cut into a sphere as a gift to Annabelle.

After the candles burned out, Jacy and Abra made the walk in the middle of the night to the Honeywick cemetery. Jacy buried the bag under a tree that grew near the back edge of the cemetery. Jacy walked by the gravestones of her family. And left a penny on the top of her grandmother’s grave as they passed. They headed back to the house by moonlight and both fell into a deep sleep in their beds.

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