Chapter Two

Jacy turned to Rose with her mouthed gapped.
“How did I not know this?”
“Oh, you knew dear, you just forgot. It’s been a very long time since you came to visit.”
“Yes, that’s true, I think I was thirteen the last time I was here.”
“It has been quite a long time. Shall we have some tea?” Rose gestured for Jacy to follow her.
Rose brewed some passionflower tea for them and they sat down at the breakfast nook together. “And I see you picked up the craft all on your own.” Rose said nodding to Jacy’s pentagram necklace.
“Yes, I did.” I’ve been practicing for almost ten years now.” Rose smiled at Jacy,
“Wait, are you a witch too?” The thought never occurred to Jacy that Rose might also be a witch. “Your grandmother taught me a little bit, but I don’t consider myself a witch like you and Mildred.” Rose replied.
“I remember her teaching me about teas and herbs, but I don’t think I ever connected it with witchcraft.” Jacy thought out loud to herself.
Fay walked into the kitchen and jumped up onto Jacy’s lap, purring and making herself comfortable. Jacy gazed out the window, absentmindedly petting Fay’s fur. Lost in her thoughts as she watched the sun set.

“Well it’s getting dark, I should be getting back. I’ll see you tomorrow. Sleep well dear.” Rose said, she put her tea cup in the sink and Jacy waved to her as she left.

“Maybe the grimoire upstairs will have more answers?” Jacy said to Fay. The cat sleeping on her lap. The sun set and looking into the woods she could see small lights flickering and moving deep in the woods, as though a group of people were carrying candles. She gasped and stood, Fay jumping to the floor. Jacy rushed to find her coat and ran outside toward the forest. She stopped at the edge, trying to will herself to go in and follow the lights. She could hear faint singing, it sounded old and inviting. She moved her feet but didn’t move any further. The lights and singing faded away and she knew it was too dark now to catch up. She headed back in the house feeling defeated.

She rummaged around in the kitchen and found an unopened bottle of cabernet sauvignon. She poured herself a large glass and went into the living room to sit. She listened to the wind start to howl outside. Her grandmother’s windchimes singing their song on the front porch. She wandered over to the bookshelf and browsed the old books her grandmother had. She pulled Alice in Wonderland off the shelf, “One of my favorites” she said to herself. She sat back down to read.

The forest is dark
I am running
Wind screams through my hair
The white dress I wear torn
My feet bare on the forest floor
There is light
There by the water
I hear the singing
I run faster to toward the sounds
There by the water, in the lights
Grandma smiling at me

Jacy woke up in the chair in the living room. Groggy she stood and looked out the window, dawn. Fay was sleeping on the floor next to where Jacy was.
“Fay, I had a dream about Grandma, I think.” Trying to remember the details. She watched the sun rise and the frost sparkle as the sun beamed down. The living room filled with sunlight and she let the warmness touch her face.

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