A conversation with death

The water rushed in my ears, I stood over my body that was lying in the blue tub. Blood ran down the drain with the water from the shower head.

“It’s cold” I said to the figure standing next to me.

“Come with me child, soon you will not know the meaning of the word” It replied

“Where am I going? Heaven? Hell?” I asked

“There are no such things, there is only a place of nothing where there is no cold, no pain, nothing.” It said to me holding out its hand. I reached out and took its hand. It led me through the bathroom door and out of the house. I no longer felt cold. But I wasn’t warm either, I felt nothing now.

“Will I see family and friends that died before me?” I asked while it led me down the road.

“That’s not up to me, they are free to come and go as they please.” It said looking straight ahead.

“Will they miss me?”

“Of course they will. You were very loved. Didn’t you know?”

“No” I said, wishing I could cry, but without my body no tears came.

Then it stopped and turned toward me.

“My child, it really isn’t your time. We can go back, you can go back. There is still time.” It said to me as an ambulance rushed by.

“But it hurts so much.” I stuttered back

“Of course it does. That’s how you know you’re alive.”

“I don’t want to hurt though. Do you know how I make it stop?” Then it reached up and touched my cheek with its hand.

“You just keep going. Things hurt, and then they don’t. Sometimes that pain comes back. But if you keep going and ask for help, and let them love you, maybe it will hurt a little less”.

I nodded, it almost made sense. I took its hand and said “Take me back”

And death smiled and nodded its head. “As you wish my child”

I woke up, with a nurse prodding at me and fussing with an IV.

“Oh good you’re awake. How do you feel?” the nurse asked laying a hand on my shoulder.

“I’m cold.” I said

“I’ll get you another blanket, don’t worry child, everything will be ok.”




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