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0F2F6B3D-5520-448C-91AA-07101205D576.jpegI took a nap and had strange dreams about people I don’t know and things that don’t exist. I was thinking of a poem the other day. Something about birds and the moon and then I forgot it. He keeps asking me how stars are made. I’m not sure though. I’ve only watched them, I’ve never thought about it or wondered how. I dreamt of blood coming from my body, watching it flow into a river and disappear over the waterfalls. And then it snowed. I heard small voices before I fell asleep. Laughing and whispering. The ghosts telling each other jokes I assume. I’ve been feeling strange the past couple days. I felt the popping in my abdomen while I slept, something changed. Something shifted. I keep trying to figure out what it was, but it’s still hiding from me. I can’t seem to focus quite right, my eyes have been foggy and my mind has been blurry. Maybe it’s just the changing of the weather. I burnt bay leaves today, they smelled wonderful. Later I burnt popcorn, it didn’t smell nearly as nice.

The cold that you feel
Out in the night
Nothing is real
No one within sight

The wind howls deep into your spine
The chill in your bones
Wraps around you like twine

The call in the dark
It’s waiting for you
Don’t worry about that noise you heard

The shadows watching
As you walk on by
Looking for warm bodies
Where they can hide

Run now, quickly
Try as you might
You can’t escape them
Not in the night

The moon she shines behind the cold clouds. I want to run through the fog, feel my feet on the frosted grass. Take the hand of the night and rise with the sun.


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