A little while ago I saw a thing on Pinterest, where they took some of those orange plastic trick-or-treating pumpkins and stacked them together to make like a statue. I thought that was pretty cool, and it gave me kind of an idea to try out. I got some of those orange pumpkins.


First I took my glue gun and made sort of dripping effect on the pumpkins.


Then we spray painted them with a textured spray paint



I let that dry for about 12 hours and then covered with more spray paint



After they dried for close to 24 hours, I painted in the eyes and did some shadowing around the dripping with black acrylic paint. I mixed the paint with water to do the shadowing.




Once painted I put pebbles in the bottom two pumpkins so that it won’t fly away with the wind and then glued together with my glue gun. Once the glue was dry I painted around the visible glue with the black paint.


It took a few days to make because of having to wait for the spray paint to dry, but I’m pretty happy with it.

Happy Spooky Season.



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Mom, wife, artist, writer and witchy woman

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