The meeting

I am close to finishing the first draft of my book. I have another story that is in my head, I have been writing ideas down for it. I am resisting starting it until I am finished with what I am working on though. But I have some ideas that don’t really go into what I want that story to be. So I might just start putting those ideas here. They aren’t perfectly thought out but I need to do something with them. And that’s what blogging is for right?

The Meeting

Grace sat in a booth in the back of The Merchant, a local coffee shop, it was a quiet Tuesday morning. She had her headphones on, working on the final chapter of her book.

Thomas ordered a drip coffee and decided to sit down for a bit before he had to be at the work. He walked to the back of the little coffee shop. Looking around, he spotted Grace sitting. He knew her, she was the woman from his dreams. Since he had moved back to his home town, he had been having dreams about a woman that he thought he knew but couldn’t place. And now her she was.

“Hello”. He said to her. She looked up and took her headphones off. She smiled at him. “Hi” She said. He asked to join her in the booth and she motioned for him to sit. “I know you, don’t I?” He asked. She gave him a funny look. “Oh I know, we had French in College!” He exclaimed. She laughed. “No, we had French together in high school.” He blushed and took a sip of his coffee. “Ah yeah. I remember now. Grace right?”

“So what are you working on?” He asked her. “Just finishing up a story I’ve been writing.” She replied. She closed her laptop. “So are you are famous musician yet?” She asked him. He chuckled and shook his head. “No, law professor, I took a job over at the college a few months ago. It’s why I moved back.” He said, with a small smile. Grace nodded her head.

“Something a little strange, since I’ve moved back. You’ve been in my dreams.” He said to her. “Well I’d guess it’s probably just moving back home and your mind trying to make sense of forgotten memories.” She shrugged her shoulders. “That makes sense.” He said, thinking of how he had been putting more meaning into the dreams. He checked his watch and realized he had to get going. “I have to get to work. We should get together sometime though.” He said, they exchanged numbers, he left looking over his shoulder at her. She smiled and gave him a little wave. She opened her laptop back up and continued  working on her story.


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