Don’t do anything

I had a dream the other night. I was in Boston waiting outside of a cafe. I was waiting for someone to come from the apartment above the cafe to come and get me. The person I was waiting for came down, opened his arms and embraced me in a hug. A kiss on the cheek, which I could feel. We walked through the cafe and he asked me what my plans were for that night. I told him nothing. He said good, don’t do anything, I’ll call you. And then he left. I was carrying a stuffed purple bunny in my arms and there I was standing alone in the cafe, with the bunny and a small suitcase at my feet.

This dream didn’t seem like a dream. It was very clear, very vivid and almost real. I’ve noticed that when this person is in my dreams, all the dreams are very real. A while ago I had a dream with this person in it and the dream didn’t seem like a dream, but almost like another dimension or timeline. Of course my mind is also wondering if I am maybe in this person’s dreams. Could we possibly be sharing dreams? I can’t ask this person though, we are only acquaintances and I do not wish to scare this innocent person.

I’ve been writing down small notes about these dreams, because I do not want to forget them. And other than that, I guess I will just do what he told me and not do anything.

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Mom, wife, artist, writer and witchy woman

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