Witchcraft for the lazy witch


The full moon is tomorrow and it has me thinking about how I sometimes don’t do anything special for moon phases or even sabots. I am sometimes a very lazy witch. Sometimes I am too tired, everything hurts too much or I’m just not feeling it. Yes witchcraft takes practice and dedication, but unfortunately we live in the “real” world. We have families, jobs, social lives, physical and mental illnesses and other things that can get in the way and hinder our time with our craft.

First I just want to say that I don’t mean lazy as a bad thing. Laziness in the common social context doesn’t really exist. Laziness is a barrier, it is illness, exhaustion, anxiety and/or trauma, whatever it is that is causing a hinderance to getting things done. Next time someone calls you lazy, just remember that they can’t see your barriers and you’re doing the best you can.

I know we all know this, but it bears repeating, the tools you use in your craft are not what make the magic. You are the source of your magic, you can draw magic from the elements but it is you that puts the intention into them. A lot of my rituals and spells aren’t elaborate. I don’t have the time or space to set up an altar or a full ritual. Most of the time its just me and my will. Not lighting candles, burning incense or mixing herbs has never lessened my magic. These things of course can heighten my magic and I use them when I am able to.

Your will and your voice

Your will is the most powerful tool of your craft. And if you are like me, sometimes your will is the only tool available to you. Use it and believe in it. Say things out loud, use your voice. Speaking the words aloud puts them out into the universe and the universe is much more likely to listen than if you are saying things in your head or just writing them down.

Take a picture 

I don’t always have time or the energy to journal my spells or tarot readings. In these situations I take a picture so I can come back to it later when I am able to do the journaling. You don’t have to post the picture anywhere, you can if you want to of course.  But modern technology has made keeping memories so much easier, use it to your advantage.

Set reminders

If you are like me, you forget things a lot. I have reminders on my phone to help me remember things. Like every first Friday of the month, I sprinkle a little salt out the front door to bring good luck. I need a reminder for it though, so I have a repeating alarm on my phone to let me know it’s the first Friday. You can set an alarm on your phone or write them down in a planner, whatever works for you.

Saying No and setting boundaries 

At one time or another we have been asked to perform our witchcraft. Tarot readings, crafting spells, making things and just being asked personal and often times patronizing questions. You do not need to perform for anyone. Don’t have the energy to give someone a tarot reading? Say no, you can offer them another time if you want. Witchcraft is a demanding energy and sometimes we only have enough spoons to do our personal magic. If selling your witchcraft (tarot readings, spells, crafts…etc) isn’t for you, don’t feel like it’s something you should be doing. Not every witch has to be a businessperson. I’m certainly not. And if it something you do, set boundaries for yourself. Give yourself time between readings and spell crafting to relax and recharge. What you send people will be much more powerful if you aren’t stressing yourself out. Take a break from it if you need to, don’t apologize for taking care of yourself. Most people will understand and those who don’t probably aren’t the type of people you want to be doing business with anyway.  You absolutely do not need to answer every question that comes your way, especially those questions that come from a place of ignorance. You do not need to spend your energy defending your craft. You are more than welcome to if you want to but just know that it isn’t a necessity. The people that will condescend you and be little your craft, most likely aren’t interested in learning about it and won’t change their mind. Don’t waste your time with them.

It’s the little things 

Little bits of magic can go a long way.

Whatever it is you first drink in the morning, pour it into a cup, using a spoon or if it’s not hot your finger is fine. Stir in a clockwise motion and repeat your affirmation or intention a few times and then drink.

I know that there is lots of focus on baths, but sometimes we just don’t have the time or want to sit in a bath. A shower is just as good for cleansing, visualization, and setting intentions. After your shower, draw sigils or write affirmations on the fogged up mirror.

You know that one card draw that everyone talks about? If you can, do it. Simply ask what you need to do, focus on or pay attention to for the day and pull a card. If you are running late or just too busy to get your cards out, there’s an app for that. I use the The Golden Thread Tarot for when my morning is just too busy or I just don’t feel like getting my cards out. But look around and see what app looks good to you.

I know life gets busy and we focus on other things, but paying attention to the world around us is, in my view, essential to keeping magic around me. The universe is constantly sending you signs and directions and really all you need to do is pay attention and notice.

Go ahead use the dried herbs from your kitchen spice rack, it’s ok. Really it is.

When you’re outside and feel a little breeze, take a moment and send your intentions into the wind. Visualize the wind carrying your intention out to the universe.

Color magic is easy and usually doesn’t take much effort. Wear colors that coordinate with the day or that correspond to what you want to manifest. Don’t like wearing colors, wear all black like me? Use jewelry or if you’re into it, makeup.

Just breathe, close your eyes and take a few deep intentional breaths.

I may expand more on this in another post, I may not. We’ll see. Blessed be.

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