Vegan maybe?

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In 2017 I had a miscarriage, it required a D&C and a blood transfusion. After that, I am of the opinion that it was my body’s reaction to that trauma, my digestive system kinda went haywire. I could no longer digest red meat, pork and dairy.  I saw GI doctors, a couple naturopaths. Had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy, did stool samples, tried all the herbs recommend to me. Nothing helped and the doctors couldn’t find a reason so they just told me I have IBS and to just avoid the foods that bothered me. A few months ago all the other meats (chicken, turkey, fish) became a problem for my stomach. So I decided to just go all in on the plant-based food thing. We went out of town a few days ago and the restaurant that we were at had absolutely no vegan option. Said to myself ok, a little cheese and chicken won’t kill me. I was hungry and had to drive an hour and a half back home. While driving I noticed that a rash was starting on my hand. I had had a few rashes on my hand before but hadn’t connected it to food until that moment. The rash cleared by the next day and I decided to experiment. I ate some cheese and sure enough the rash came right back.

When I decided to start the whole eating vegan thing I watched a few documentaries about eating plant-based. Quite a few of them led me to the work of T. Colin Campbell. He’s been one of the leading scientist studying plant-based eating. He advocates for a Whole Foods plant-based diet. I am currently reading his book The China Study, an impressive study done about the effects of eating meat and dairy. I have also been doing some experimenting with foods and trying to figure out how to adopt a Whole Foods plant-based diet for myself. It appears to me that this is where my body has led me and maybe it’s because I don’t believe in coincidences or maybe I am just thinking about it too much in spiritual terms. Honestly though food is a spiritual experience, you know that whole “You’re not a body, you’re a soul having a body experience”? I think what your body experiences is very much connected to your soul. I guess I’m just trying to make my soul comfortable in this body, even if that means changing everything about how I was taught to eat and think about food.

And anything that is better for the environment and animals is always a plus for me.

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