Home school?

DSCN0183.JPGLast Friday we took Jude out of public school, for the second time. We were giving it a try again since he had been selected for a public Montessori class. It was good at the beginning, but then not so much. He was so unhappy and showing it by being aggressive and refusing to do any school work. And after a week of him being in the “calm down” room and not actually being in class, we decided to go back to trying to home school. Which was great for him last time. In all honesty though, I have no idea what I am doing. Last time I read everything I could find on home schooling autistic children. And after our first go around, I am convinced that no one knows what they are talking about. We sort of just fell into unschooling. Which is the way I think we’ll start going again. It just seemed to work better than anything else. And while I am a Capricorn, I am convinced that I might be the most undisciplined and unorganized Capricorn in existence (probably not really, but sometimes it feels that way), and nothing makes me think that more than trying to home school my child that wants nothing to do with any sort of schooling. He’s already much happier, still adjusting and getting all those bad days out of his system. And while we’re adjusting to him being home again, sleep has been very hard. I guess being home all day with mom isn’t as exhausting as being in school. And we’re done for some time now, with trying to send him off to school for the day. We’re just going to call it now and not do anymore trying that. Third time a charm my ass, I’d rather not risk his internal peace again.

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