Coffee and tarot


Every morning I have a cup of coffee and do a tarot spread. It’s really the only morning ritual I do. I’ve only been doing tarot for a few years and I always tell people that I am still learning, because I am. I’ve been using the Wildwood Tarot deck for a few months now and it’s by far my favorite deck.  I feel more in sync with this deck than my other ones. The morning spread I do is a three card draw, what to remember, what to be aware of and what to let go. I do it each day to help me stay more aware as the day unfolds.

I am reteaching myself how to do photography. How to find my style again. I went to school for this, I should know. But I have spent the past 8 years only taking pictures of my children. So I have set some time in my days to try and relearn, staging and composition and how I like my pictures to look. I feel like right now it’s like learning to ride a bike again with one of the wheels going flat. I have gotten so use to taking pictures on my phone that holding a camera now almost feels foreign. I am trying to take my camera everywhere with me. I use to carry a camera with me all the time, back before phones were such convenient picture takers.



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